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About our company

"Assistant Group" is a dynamically developing company which will help to minimize costs and increase the profitability of Your production through the provision of staff outsourcing.

Our recruitment greatly ease Your search and save your time. We select only those candidates that are right for You, based on Your requirements and wishes.

Our managers are qualified recrutari with years of experience in the field of recruitment, constantly add to their knowledge at professional seminars and trainings, and, finally, employees who are not only doing their job, and are true masters of their craft.

Provided staff with the following conditions of cooperation:
Rental staff

the Staff at rent - advantageous and convenient service,  for large companies and for small businesses. If you urgently require temporary workers  warehouse on the production, in a store or online store,  we quickly find you the best specialists.

hire staff enables the company to obtain qualified staff in the right quantity.

When it is profitable:
1increasing the number of work related holiday or seasonal increase in production
2in the absence of regular employees due to a temporary disability or a vacation
3during the implementation of new projects of the company, which may require specialists in various fields, missing in the state of
Staff outsourcing

outsourcing as a management practice is confidently holds its position in the market all over the world. It is used in almost all business areas – from computer repair to organizing events. Want to put your business to a higher level of growth?

staff Outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to focus on the main objectives of your business without being distracted by side.

Benefits of outsourcing staff:
1staff Outsourcing will allow You to minimize the amount of administrative work associated with maintaining personnel records
2to Reduce the legal and employment risks associated with staff
3to Optimize the costs associated with the selection of staff, calculation and payment of wages
4to Avoid downtime in case of sickness or vacation of employee, we provide a replacement
5Involvement of staff in project work
Staff leasing

staff Leasing - is quite a new service in the domestic labor market, but now its popularity is growing every day. This service may be needed for those who want to optimize their staff or to recruit staff from scratch, while minimizing costs and risks for the selection of personnel.

a Feature of leasing is the ability to select the most suitable and efficient employees and keep them with the subsequent registration in your state.

staff Leasing will allow You to:
1to Establish quality selection of experts with minimum expenses;
2to Ensure maximum efficiency of labour due to the high qualification and experience of staff;
3In the shortest possible time to improve the skills of staff.

Using the services of outstaffing, all paperwork, reporting, taxes, payroll, premiums and bonuses borne by our company.

Outstaffing services allow You to:
1to Reduce the staff number, in fact, remain at their employees;
2to get Rid of the need to increase the headcount, in case of need employees to perform temporary and project works;
3to Be focused only on developing their own business.
Personnel selection

Cadres decide everything! That is why recruitment plays a critical role in the development of any company. But how to find a competent specialist how to assess the capabilities of a particular candidate for the vacancy in Your company?

Successfully solve these complex, and often have "pitfalls" questions will help You to OOO "Assistant Group". We will quickly provide you with specialists of any profile and qualifications.

The advantages of working with us
  • Use a wide range of cooperation in providing staff for any period
  • Saving on staff costs associated with his selection, testing and maintenance
  • Use a unique schema, the stages of recruitment, selection and personnel management,
  • Quickly model absent expert that does not cause interruption to your workflow
  • maximizing the effectiveness of labor due to high qualification and experience of staff
  • the Possibility of a more rational reallocation of internal resources
Provide staff
  • Porters
  • Pickers
  • Skanirovanie
  • Sellers
  • Packers
  • Sorters
  • Stickeroni
  • Cashiers
  • Driver
  • Welders
  • Electricians
  • etc.
Cost of services is determined in the contract, together with
the customer after the formation of the specific application.
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